And the winners of “Draw Your Monster” contest are…

Further receiving more than 11.000 drawings from more than 370 schools, we are very happy to announce the winners.

For the 4th edition of “Draw Your Monster” contest, we were looking for The Space Postmonsters. Agus gave us some clues: These monsters can be fat, skinny, tall, short or hairy. They don’t have any particular physical traits. Instead, they are really really good guys. Agus also told us that, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… The Space Postmonsters were in charge of delivering letters and parcels. But for some unknown reason, they quit. Nowadays, they spend their time traveling through the Universe and playing cards. 

More than 11.000 kids decided to help Agus by drawing Space Postmonsters. It was really hard for us to choose the winners when there were so many amazing entries! The jury – the authors and members of Combel team- had a great time seeing all of them. What a monstrous creativity and talent!

Ta-dah! Here are the winners of the Space Postmonsters drawing competition:


Copons & Fortuny are already working in the forthcoming title Agus & Monsters. The 3 winners will be featured in The Space Postmonsters. This new instalment will be published next September 2019. To thank you all for your enthusiastic response to this monstrous challenge, here you are a preview.

Let’s run, run, run, run away!