Why do publishers join this monstrous adventure?

Our monstrous partners share their thoughts on Agus & Monsters:


  • Apkabink Ménuli (Lithuania) | Executive Editor If I don’t read, I lose my energy. Mr. Flat – the good monster of books- represents all of us who love to read books and need them to live.
  • Chouette Publishing (Canada) Simon Payette | VP Sales Everyone at Chouette Publishing just fell in love with Agus & Monsters! Agus is a very appealing character; he is a typical kid —funny, curious, a little forgetful, always hungry—whose world turns upside down when he meets a monster in a library. The series grabs your attention with hilarious illustrations and entertaining stories that mix humour, fantasy, adventure and literature (yes, literature!).
  • Hachette-Phoenix Cultural Development (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (Mainland China) Nie Weiwei | Commissioning Editor “If you don’t tidy your room, one f these days I’m going to throw out anything that’s in a mess!” my mother shouted. This is the opening sentence of the first title in Agus & Monsters series, and this is me—a 9-year-old boy’s (sometimes) hysterical mother. So I chose this series without hesitation. As an editor abroad, I decided to join this monstrous adventure because, speaking honestly, bringing up a boy is a real adventure for me.
  • Host (Czech Republic) Eva Sedlackova & Nikola Marzyová | Children’s books editor My heart belongs to Mr. Flat. I’d like to have a funny bro like him, who knows a lot of stories, loves adventure and isn’t a spoilsport. Quite simply, I love this little monster who seems like an overgrown plush carrot!
  • Nikola Marzyová We choose the Agus & Monsters series because…
    … it’s funny
    … it makes children love reading
    … it combines great text with illustrations
    … it has awesome and funny illustrations
  • Kedros (Greece) Ariadni Moschona | Children’s Books Editor What a fabulous idea! What a great way to make even the most reluctant reader dive into a book!
    With Agus and his monsters, it was love at first sight. We smiled tenderly and laughed out loud reading his stories. We feel confident that young readers will love them too. Proud to be the Greek publisher of this series, and particularly happy since this whole project was developed in Spain.
  • Latvijas Mediji (Latvia) Renate Neimane | Editor As an editor of the publishing house “Lauku Avı-ze” from Latvia, we decided to join Agus & Monsters because of its story, the style in which the story is told, and its attractive and colourful illustrations.
    What we like most about the series is the humour, the idea of promoting reading, references to classic stories and books, the southern character, the explosion of emotions… but at the same time the situations are so recognisable and common to the children of the world.
    My favourite characters are: Agus, Lidia, Mr. Flat and the father. I expect more breath-taking stories in the future which are revealed with good humour.
With Agus & Monsters’ the world is not only more fun, but it’s also a better place!