VIRUS is out!

Hey, Agus fans! The new book in the Agus & Monsters’ series, Virus, is OUT NOW!

Do you want to know what Virus is about? It is a thrilling, action-packed monstrous adventure. On the 17th instalment, Agus and his friends will fight against Dr. Brot, his apprentice Nap and an evil virus.

Yes! Unless they find an antidote, consumerism will spread as fast as memes across the web.

If you want our heroes to find the cure and save Galerna, follow the Yellow Brick Road…  At the end, you won’t find any wizard, but Dr. Erns with a huge fan instead.

No more spoilers. Just an advice for monstrous readers and collectors:

Get everything you need before starting to read. Download and print your bookmark to make reading fun by styling your new Agus copy. And most of all, don’t forget to mark Virus with care!