A terrifying tribute to horror genre

Terrifying, the new Agus & Monsters adventure will chill you to the bones!

The new title of the series is the perfect summer read: a pageturning graphic novel full of white-knuckle adrenaline.

A word of warning before you open the book:

Agus, Lidia and the monsters have been through a lot, but they have never been as scared as in this new book. It is an unparalleled tribute to the horror genre.

It all starts with an “innocent” school excursion to an amusement park. What could go wrong?

Pushed by Lidia, Agus and the monsters visit the House of Terror. But when they enter the House, suddenly the door disappears and find out it is a trap. Time vanishes and there is no way out. They must face their fears once and for all. In order to escape, Agus and his friends run from room to room pursued by Pila and her shrieks. Everything changes when they meet Tremunda the witch, who reveals a terrifying secret. As always, the bad guy in the story is Dr. Brot. And as always, the solution to all the monstrous problems is found in a book: The Big Book of All Spells and Brews

Are you ready to live a roller coaster of emotions?