ROOM monstrous card game!

​​Agus & Monsters are ready to play ROOM

Summer is around the corner. Atlantis, the latest adventure of the series, is about to go on print. And Agus and his friends are more than ready for summer vacation. And you? Are you going to the beach, a cabin in the mountains, or camping? Whatever your plan is, don’t forget to pack ROOM. It won’t take up too much space. This little box is guaranteed to bring you hours of monstrous fun.

Playing together can be an exciting opportunity to explore, learn and have a blast with Agus & Monsters. The card game has been created by the authors Copons & Fortuny together with the board game designer and publisher from GDM Games, Pack Gallego. But what is ROOM about? The name says it all!

Players must tidy up Agus’ room in 5 minutes. They shall get rid of the “room cards” filled with dirty clothes, books and food scattered around the place, while trying to keep monsters with them. The player with the most monsters’ cards is the winner!

The trick-taking game has been designed for children from 6 till 99 years old. It’s easy enough so it doesn’t take a lot of concentration, but it also includes different strategies that makes ROOM the perfect game for the whole family to play together! Spread all the cards on the table and draw 7.

There is much more to be said on ROOM, but the best way to judge is to watch it for yourself. Ready, set, ROOOOOOOM!