Make a monstrous wish


Yes, our life has changed. Christmas will be different this year. Agus and Lidia feel a little bit nervous and strange. Everyone else is feeling the same, because we are experiencing a dejà vu. Don’t we?

But don’t worry. Here comes Mr. Flat to bring you monstrous books to enjoy this Christmas time at home: From Merry, Christmas, Dear Monsters! and Together at Home. Corona Days to the latest title of Agus & Monsters series, The Creature.

Octosol would rather listen to music. As he is a little bit rock and roll, he has picked this amazing song by the Unreal Peep Band. Let’s move, baby!

Hole will spend his holidays looking for a hole. Sooner o later he will find the way out of the pandemic. Trust this little monster.

And since you are here… and the most magical season of the year approaches, we want to make a wish, a monstrous wish: in one year time we’ll be celebrating Christmas with family, relatives and friends, without counting chairs nor distances, singing along Christmas carols, hugging and kissing each other.

May our monstrous wish come true!