A monstrous playlist to dance it out!

Songs and albums are featured in “Agus & Monsters” series as well as literature works and movies.

“All Together Now!” was created for Merry Christmas, Dear Monsters!, but now it makes more sense than ever.

From the intro (as if The Who had been born in the Bronx) to the refrain (arrangements in the style of Motown), and with a melody that worms its way into the brain as if it were the summer hit, this track is a total hit. The song exudes freshness and energy from all sides. 

Copons & Fortuny love music!

We love making music and listening to songs while we write and illustrate the novels.

Here you are a monstrous playlist to listen to our favorite the songs, while you are staying at home these days. Songs that talk about love, freedom, fun, respect.

Sometimes, all you need is dance. Whatever style of music you prefer, there’s a song for you!  Listen to the monstrous playlist, have fun and dance it out!