Working with graphic novels in the classroom to encourage reading

A webinar by Jaume Copons and Noemí Mercadé to engage young readers


Graphic novels can be an excellent tool to encourage reading, facilitate learning and consolidate the reading habit in the early stages of schooling. The reading rate is directly related to school or academic success: the higher the reading level, the higher the academic achievement and performance. In this context, graphic novels, like Agus & Monsters, help to awaken the interest and creativity of the youngest children, but they also motivate them and turn them into readers.

  • What does the graphic novel bring to the classroom?
  • Do you want to motivate your students?
  • Do you like good stories?
  • Are you interested in consolidating your students’ reading habits?
  • How can you work with graphic novels in the classroom?

To join the webinar, press play and activate the English subtitles: