Corona ebooks, new languages

Since we launched Together at Home. Corona Days, many things have changed.


It was two months ago. And still, helping to prevent the pandemic makes more sense than ever. As we slowly get back to “normal”, Corona virus is continuing its spread across the world and outbreaks keep rising.

That’s why we really appreciate receiving good news from our dearest monstrous partners every week. While have returned to the offices and published The Isle of Truman –a new title of Agus & Monsters, French, English, Russian and Simplified Chinese ebooks are out. Farsi and Portuguese editions are on their way too. Besides, we are happy to announce that Together at Home. Corona Days will be published in two new languages. Agus and his friends will soon be speaking Romanian and Ukrainian.

We want to thank our monstrous partners for joining this project in the spirit of solidarity.

T H A N K   Y O U  S O  M U C H!