Extra, extra! Agus & Monsters go to Buenos Aires Book Fair

col·lecció Agus i els monstres

Agus & Monsters travel to Argentina! They are visiting the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires together with their authors: Jaume Copons and Liliana Fortuny. Read all about it! 

As you might know, this year, Barcelona is the Guest City of Honor in Buenos Aires International Book Fair. Barcelona is promoting Catalan language writers to improve the presence of Catalan literature in Latin America and strengthen the cultural ties between Barcelona and Buenos Aires. If you are curious, drop by the Barcelona stand.

If you are looking for author events, check the program of activities organised by the Ramon Llull Institute. Don’t miss live presentations by Copons & Fortuny:

Illustration & Creative Process

By Poli Bernatene, Rocio Bonilla, Jaume Copons and Liliana Fortuny
Poli Bernatene will talk about the creative process with renown children’s illustrators such as Rocio Bonilla and Liliana Fortuny and the bestselling writer Jaume Copons.

May 4th from 19:30 h to 20:30 h at Barcelona Stand, Yellow Pavilion

Monstrous Workshops by Copons & Fortuny

Don’t miss the workshops designed and led by the authors of Agus & Monsters’ series!

How to Create your Own Monster

A monstrous workshop to inspire children to become aware of their unique power as narrators and to encourage constructive creative freedom! In one hour, kids will be able to create together a new monster and build a unique story in one hour.

May 5th from 15 h to 16 h at Barcelona Stand, Yellow Pavilion

The Monstrous Family

The funniest way to discover Agus & Monster series is a family activity. Children and adults will enjoy this monstrous workshop alike.

May 5th from 19.30 h to 20:30 h at Barcelona Stand, Yellow Pavilion

Draw Today!

By Liliana Fortuny

Children will explore Liliana Fortuny’s creativity at this perfomatic activity. Liliana will be drawing in real time while the little ones will become a part of Agus & Monsters favorite stories, exploring this monstrous univers through shapes and colors.

May 6th from 17:30 h to 17:30  h at Barcelona Stand, Yellow Pavilion

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