The origin of Agus & Monsters

señor flat

A monstrous prequel Few readers know that the Agus & Monsters series has its origin in an unpublished novel entitled Agus Pianola and the Monster of Books. Here is the story of the prequel. 10 years ago Jaume Copons and Liliana Fortuny created Agus Pianola and the Monster of Books. It was an illustrated novel

Agus superstar: from pages to screen

The animated series is finally becoming real! With the passage of time, the improvement of new technologies, the appearance of new platforms and consumption habits, the relationship between graphic novels and animated series has not stopped growing and feeding back into each other. In fact, series go from paper to screen and vice versa. Based

Agus & Monsters on TV news!

Breaking News! The series reaches its 22nd title with the publication of Salvador   One, two, three, four and so on up to 22 titles. These are the volumes that, for the moment, make up Agus & Monsters. A successful series of which 750,000 copies have already been sold. LF That’s quite a big number! JC But

Working with graphic novels in the classroom to encourage reading

A webinar by Jaume Copons and Noemí Mercadé to engage young readers   Graphic novels can be an excellent tool to encourage reading, facilitate learning and consolidate the reading habit in the early stages of schooling. The reading rate is directly related to school or academic success: the higher the reading level, the higher the

A monstrous tribute to classic detective novels

A Difficult Case, the latest adventure of Agus & Monsters is a monstrous tribute to classic detective novels: from mystery to hard-boiled. Lidia, Agus and the monsters will look for inspiration in books and the most famous fictional detectives of all times.

Beyond Atlantis

Atlantis is out! The latest adventure of Agus & Monsters was launched at the Catalan Book Week and Madrid Book Fair. To celebrate the monstrous release of their brand new book, Copons & Fortuny signed books and did a meet and greet with their fans. But… What’s the book about? In this new adventure, Mr. Flat

ROOM monstrous card game!

​​Agus & Monsters are ready to play ROOM Summer is around the corner. Atlantis, the latest adventure of the series, is about to go on print. And Agus and his friends are more than ready for summer vacation. And you? Are you going to the beach, a cabin in the mountains, or camping? Whatever your

A monstrous World Book Day

Sant Jordi is the most monstrous celebration of its kind in the world! In Catalonia, Sant Jordi becomes an especially bookish festivity. We celebrate the day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) with our own tradition. We exchange roses and books with our loved ones. As every myth needs a monstrous story, Copons & Fortuny dedicated

Agus & Monsters against Dr. Brot. The battle of Good & Evil

Behind the main storyline of the series we find an eternal theme: the battle of Good and Evil.   Nobody knows why Dr. Brot is so incredibly evil nor why he hates the monsters so much. It was he who expulsed the monsters from their book. But  Dr. Brot, together with his apprentice Nap, always