ROOM monstrous card game!

​​Agus & Monsters are ready to play ROOM Summer is around the corner. Atlantis, the latest adventure of the series, is about to go on print. And Agus and his friends are more than ready for summer vacation. And you? Are you going to the beach, a cabin in the mountains, or camping? Whatever your

A monstrous World Book Day

Sant Jordi is the most monstrous celebration of its kind in the world! In Catalonia, Sant Jordi becomes an especially bookish festivity. We celebrate the day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) with our own tradition. We exchange roses and books with our loved ones. As every myth needs a monstrous story, Copons & Fortuny dedicated

Agus & Monsters against Dr. Brot. The battle of Good & Evil

Behind the main storyline of the series we find an eternal theme: the battle of Good and Evil.   Nobody knows why Dr. Brot is so incredibly evil nor why he hates the monsters so much. It was he who expulsed the monsters from their book. But  Dr. Brot, together with his apprentice Nap, always

Make a monstrous wish


Yes, our life has changed. Christmas will be different this year. Agus and Lidia feel a little bit nervous and strange. Everyone else is feeling the same, because we are experiencing a dejà vu. Don’t we? But don’t worry. Here comes Mr. Flat to bring you monstrous books to enjoy this Christmas time at home: From

2021 monstrous calendar wallpaper!

As you know, we usually send the physical monstrous calendars to bookshops and libraries at the beginning of December. But this year everything is different. Even Christmas! Since we are spending more time at home due to restrictions, quarantines and curfews… And some of us are teleworking, doing homework or attending online classes and courses,

Corona ebooks, new languages

Since we launched Together at Home. Corona Days, many things have changed.   It was two months ago. And still, helping to prevent the pandemic makes more sense than ever. As we slowly get back to “normal”, Corona virus is continuing its spread across the world and outbreaks keep rising. That’s why we really appreciate

The Isle of Truman has arrived at the bookshops!


Bookshops are open again! Yay!    A new instalment of Agus & Monsters series has finally reached the front tables of the bookshops!  On The Isle of Truman, Agus and his friends fight against Dr. Brot and his apprentice Nap once again!  A bunch of men in black led by Dr. Brot and his new

A new book in the spirit of solidarity!

TOGETHER AT HOME! Coronavirus Days

TOGETHER AT HOME. Coronavirus Days is out now! These past weeks, we have been working on a new digital book of Agus & Monsters by Copons & Fortuny in collaboration with Dr. Salvador Macip, Toni Hernández and Elena Rottier. TOGETHER AT HOME. Coronavirus Days invites readers to learn to live under lockdown and subsequent lifting of

Together at home >>

Agus & Monsters around the world As the world goes into lockdown, our beloved authors, Copons & Fortuny, are moving to social media to bring fans together. A monstrous opportunity for children to travel the world with Mr. Flat without leaving their homes. Agus & Monsters #togetherathome is out! A monstrous playlist on Combel YouTube