Corona ebooks, new languages

Since we launched Together at Home. Corona Days, many things have changed.   It was two months ago. And still, helping to prevent the pandemic makes more sense than ever. As we slowly get back to “normal”, Corona virus is continuing its spread across the world and outbreaks keep rising. That’s why we really appreciate

The Isle of Truman has arrived at the bookshops!


Bookshops are open again! Yay!    A new instalment of Agus & Monsters series has finally reached the front tables of the bookshops!  On The Isle of Truman, Agus and his friends fight against Dr. Brot and his apprentice Nap once again!  A bunch of men in black led by Dr. Brot and his new

A new book in the spirit of solidarity!

TOGETHER AT HOME! Coronavirus Days

TOGETHER AT HOME. Coronavirus Days is out now! These past weeks, we have been working on a new digital book of Agus & Monsters by Copons & Fortuny in collaboration with Dr. Salvador Macip, Toni Hernández and Elena Rottier. TOGETHER AT HOME. Coronavirus Days invites readers to learn to live under lockdown and subsequent lifting of

Together at home >>

Agus & Monsters around the world As the world goes into lockdown, our beloved authors, Copons & Fortuny, are moving to social media to bring fans together. A monstrous opportunity for children to travel the world with Mr. Flat without leaving their homes. Agus & Monsters #togetherathome is out! A monstrous playlist on Combel YouTube

A monstrous playlist to dance it out!


Songs and albums are featured in “Agus & Monsters” series as well as literature works and movies. “All Together Now!” was created for Merry Christmas, Dear Monsters!, but now it makes more sense than ever. From the intro (as if The Who had been born in the Bronx) to the refrain (arrangements in the style

Let’s stay home!

As you might know, the Corona virus is spreading across the world. And now has also spread to Galerna. You might have heard about the virus. It causes a disease called Covid-19 and feels like having a flu. But it is not the same. Not at all. Because there is no treatment — and no

It’s almost Christmas…

Agus & Monsters are ready for holidays. Christmas is around the corner. The Secret Library is almost ready. In the meantime, download the 2020 Monstrous Calendar and play with Mr. Flat.

Here comes the real Mr. Flat!


We are happy to welcome the real Mr. Flat! A plush to play with, laugh with and read with. Mr. Flat is the softest, cutest, cuddliest monster plush around. It is time to put Mr. Flat on your squishlist, because he can’t wait for the company, cuddles and readings! Go on a delightful journey with this sweetest