Beyond Atlantis

Atlantis is out!

The latest adventure of Agus & Monsters was launched at the Catalan Book Week and Madrid Book Fair. To celebrate the monstrous release of their brand new book, Copons & Fortuny signed books and did a meet and greet with their fans.

But… What’s the book about?

In this new adventure, Mr. Flat has lost his ex libris and he is very upset. He is not making a drama. This is serious! If he doesn’t get the bookplate back, libraries and books will disappear from the Book of Monsters. To get a new bookplate, Agus and his friends travel to Atlantis to find the scientist Elder Steps. This means that we will have to part with monsters forever.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the monsters? We are not!

If you want our beloved monsters back, help us find Elder– the creator of all the impossible things. Jump right in!