Main Characters

Agus Pianola
Full name Agus Pianola Role Agus' world turns upside down when he meets Mr. Flat!

Agus is a bit absent-minded and sometimes he doesn’t tell the truth (well, not all of it), but he is a good kid and, whatever it takes, is ready to help the monsters find their book. Since he met Mr. Flat and the monsters took up residence in his room, he hasn’t had a moment’s peace. But he had never thought that he could have such a good time.

Full name Lidia Lines Role Neighbour

Lidia is Agus’ friend and neighbour. She and Agus couldn’t stand each other, but now they’re great friends. Lidia is not only more thoughtful than Agus, she’s also intelligent and brave.

Full name Alfo Flat Role Monstruo de los libros

El Sr. Flat lo sabe todo acerca de los libros y, además, los necesita para vivir. Si no lee, pierde su energía. Es un líder nato, aunque él nunca se ha propuesto serlo. Los demás monstruos valoran mucho su opinión y, sobre todo, su capacidad de organización.

Full name Brecs Ecs Role Monster of garbage

Brex is able to find wonderful things in the trash. And if he doesn’t find them, he creates them out of the stuff he collects. The other monsters adore Brex because he is able to scrounge anything they need. He is passionate about pastries. He devours them.

Full name Roll Wasab Role Monster of cuisine

Cheff Roll is a great cook able to make the most delicious meals with anything he has at hand. He is in charge of getting food for his friends and cooking it, and he does so with all his affection. He can’t stand people wasting food.

Full name Roll Wall Role Monster of holes

Hole is able to enter and leave any place through a hole, no matter how small it is. And if he doesn’t find the hole, he makes it himself. It goes without saying that for the other monsters Hole’s holes are usually very useful. Hole is terrified of open spaces.

Full name Frida Pintaca Role She-monster of paintbrushes

Paintish is an artist in every medium: she paints, draws, sculpts, writes… And always with full passion. The other monsters are always eager to see her works. When she doesn’t like something, she paints it different from how it is until it is how it should be.

Full name Octosol Fasol Role Monster of music

Octosol is an exceptional musician. Not only does he play every known instrument and those yet to be invented, he is also able to convert any object into an instrument. Needless to say, he is popular at parties and can’t bear when people are bored.

Full name Ziro Entel Role Monster of nothing

Ziro is the monster of nothing. As his name indicates, he practically does nothing, but he thinks. He thinks a lot, and this makes him someone very useful because he always offers new ideas and interesting points of view. While he thinks, he is able to spend many hours in silence.

Full name Veterana Role She-monster of animals

Dr. Veter has an incredible ability to become friends with any kind of animal, even the most ferocious. Also, she knows how to cure them and take care of them, and the animals can sense this. Dr. Veter’s problem is that she also treats people like animals.

Full name Drilocks Are Role Monster of hair

Drilocks can self-multiply and, although he is small, sometimes this ability makes him truly big. His good manners are always appreciated and make it difficult to deny him anything. Drilocks is an exceptional hairdresser.

Full name Emmotall Role Monster of metal

Although it would be easy to come to think he is a robot, Emmo is a monster. Inside him he has all kinds of mechanisms and devices that make incredible things happen such as making people forget they have seen the monsters or turning himself into Cheff Roll’s kitchen.

Full name Brotali Maximus Role Professional evildoer

Nobody knows why Dr. Brot is so incredibly evil nor why he hates the monsters so much. He uses every kind of trick and device to do his evil, although many times he fails spectacularly. And even so, it was he who expulsed the monsters from their book.

Full name Nappier Blad Role Apprentice evildoer

Nap is a true mystery. In reality, nobody knows if he is as evil as one could think. Also, despite the stupid look on his face, it is suspected that he is no fool. But then, what is he doing with Dr. Brot?

Secondary Roles


Agus’ dad

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Agus’ mum

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Librarian at Agus and Lidia’s school

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Winners of the contests



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ready made agus y los monstruos


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Dog, Boby & Pinchito

at Book by Book

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These are IT!

at Merry Christmas, Dear Monsters!

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Ball & the Responsibles

at The Lost Treasure

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