A monstrous World Book Day

Sant Jordi is the most monstrous celebration of its kind in the world!

In Catalonia, Sant Jordi becomes an especially bookish festivity. We celebrate the day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) with our own tradition. We exchange roses and books with our loved ones. As every myth needs a monstrous story, Copons & Fortuny dedicated one of the titles of Agus & Monsters series to this fest.

The legend says that after George killed the dragon and saved the princess, that blood rose he gave her became a romantic gesture. As such, it’s become tradition to fill with stands selling roses which people buy to offer to their partners as a symbol of their love. If you want to know more about the monstrous legend, we invite you to read the comic that Agus’ makes up at Book Day of the Stars:

That day we also celebrate the World Book Day since 1995 because Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare died on the 23rd April. Monstrous news is that next April 23rd, we’ll be celebrating Sant Jordi again!

One more year, books and roses stalls will be set up along the streets of Barcelona. We’ll be able to walk around looking for new books. Our beloved authors will be hitting back on the streets with books and roses, monsters and stories, masks and social distancing. It is a very important day for us all: publishers, authors, booksellers and book lovers. Let’s keep the wheels and the pages turning!