A monstrous tribute to classic detective novels

Learning from the best: from Poirot to Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe.


A Difficult Case will be out in February 2022. We are very excited with the latest adventure of Agus & Monsters. A monstrous detective graphic novel that talks about tricks, systemic corruption and fake news. But also about the triumph of justice and friendship. All the elements to understand noir fiction. A great homage to the genre in all its letters.

Lidia’s dad has fallen into a trap orchestrated by evil Dr. Brot and a gang of white-collar thieves. Now he is in jail, accused of having robbed the Galerbank. To get the honourable Mr. Lines out of trouble, Agus and the monsters will look for inspiration in the best detective novels of all time.

No help is too little!

Agus, Lidia and the monsters will take their cue from the classics: the deductive method of Sherlock Holmes; Dupin’s logical reasoning, Miss Marple’s observation skills and knowledge of human nature, Maigret’s great empathy with offenders, Poirot’s reliable little grey cells, Philip Marlowe’s well-known incorruptibility and the integrity beyond doubt of Sam Spade.

In this hard case, books and detective skills are as essential as friendship. Because good friends are there to support each other in difficult times, right?

As Agus and his friends always say, when things get rough, it is fundamental (rather than elementary) to have your friends by your side. As we all know, having a fundamental friendship is the best thing of the world ever!